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Day walks – March

NZ does not fail to take my breath away every time i even glance out of my place, forget venturing out into deeper nature. But I do love day walks and there’s no shortage of that few hours away from home:

My little backyard, which hosts what seems like a million sparrows and 2 cutest lovey-dovey pair of doves.I might as well start dancing with daisies in my hair!


Also few minutes walk away is the Mangemangeroa reserve which is a great short running trail, about 40min either direction, if you care to brave through the heard of cows at the entrance.


A few hours further away:

Te Henga Walkway is about 20km return walk from Bethels road to Constable road or the other way back. Bit too late for us to realize going from constable side means heaps of climbing on return, that is ,after about 6 hours of walking! Nonetheless,absolutely worth it! The coastal views takes your breath away every time you turn a corner. From the crashing waves to the coastal fringe meandering about for as far as you can see, to the gaping sea, magnificent with the horizon as if spilling over the edge of the world. Added to the mix were funky para-gliders buzzing around on top our head ( god knows why anyone would do that, fly solo in what looked like a chair with a fan at the back ) but looked like they were having fun.

Envy the guys living here!


302 as we counted while straining to climb up!


This is less than half an hour into the walk, in case you want to just chill at clifftop.


Interesting split in the cliff.On our return the tide going out unveiled a patch of sand which looked like it could make a great little private picnic spot!


There are many spots on this walk which begs for you to have a sit, a hearty chat or just quietly gaze out solo. I fell for this spot, about an hours walk in. Some spot-on modelling by my enthusiastic co-hiker.

20160409_105019You can see a cove at the very end!


And a sand dune in the middle of nowhere.



Makes for a great lunch spot, half an hour into the end of the track. People looked like ants on the beach.


Okura Bush walkway is a good way to spend a Sunday morning for about 3 hours or so. The bushy walkway along a serene estuary opens up into a cozy beach and a heritage place providing a good spot for a breakfast or picnic. Return via the coast hopping from rock to rock, examining birds, dead or alive, collecting shells or occasionally catching glimpse of a fish jump out.

The entrance, everyone seems to have  taken a photo here!





Fun things to try -Pottery

To test my creativity I found opportunity at the Uxbridge Arts Centre to learn making clay pottery.

I had a horrible start unable to  even make a ball with my hands- let alone make intricate china dolls or delicately flower painted plates which i had  imagined I’d produce. I peered around at others who seemed expert ball makers and decided I’d never return. But perseverance did it and I  waited with baited breath every weekend for pottery Tuesdays.

The thing about pottery is that It’s super liberating.You can use anything  – garlic crusher, a toothpick, your face – the options are unlimited to make whatever the hell you want .  Added to that the tutor had a few interesting techniques to teach us too, including how to use the most exciting thing in the world.



That’s not me. I googled the image. That stuff is not easy and after much churning madness and being covered arm up in dirt I produced a shallow resemblance of a tumbler which I am using as a candle holder now.


Moving on,once your work is dried up, you get to do something even more fun.Paint! oooooooh! You need special paint for this though.Then to make it all shiny you are supposed to put this white stuff on it and let it stay in the kiln  ( property of the tutor) for about 24 hours.

I walked out with these:




I wouldn’t exactly call these “beautiful”but  think there’s sure is a hell lot of me in it.

Fiji Fashion Week

Even though Fiji’s just a dot in the ocean miles away from the the big fashion cities, the capital Suva catches onto fashion like fire catches onto the dry sugarcane farms in the west of the islands!And so it was only a matter of time that an annual fashion event opened up and did justice to everyone bubbling with style.Fiji Fashion week events not only seeks to bring to the boil simmering fashionistas of all types , it also provides a much looked forward to buzz in the scene for the locals and for the growing number  of expatriates around the country. The main event is usually held in Suva followed by another at Port Denarau, Nadi and multiple other charity events around the country.

As emerging designer in 2010, I was lucky enough to get a glimpse of the glam world. From hopeful storyboards to endless days rummaging through the only fabric store in town, to nights searching for the right music,to the painful hunt for that perfect tailor to almost smashing my own ancient sewing machine into pieces!! That was just the beginning .After days of rehearsal and alterations when it finally came together my collection ended up looking nothing like I had imagined!

But the show had to go on! Right after I finished my last CPA paper I rushed to the scene of event to a full-on backstage drama of half naked models running, panicky designers, fully equipped and very mobile makeup artists, journalists/photographers shoving mikes/cameras into faces and tailors wedged in wherever possible. In no time my collection was out, my nose powdered and my arse slapped up onto the stage. Where I stood frozen!

Hats off to all the models walking up and down every ramp in the world – you have balls!I did much better in a show later in the year though. I actually walked all the way down the ramp , chewing gum like a cow to stop me from jumping offstage and taking off into the night batman style!

I decided to bow out of the show the following year for many reasons (all me!)but formed quite a few fun friendships along the way and got to work with some of the best in the scene.Still look forward to event updates with much interest.

My favorites for years remain Robert  F Kennedy and Hupfeld Hoerder for producing original pacific fabric designs with touches of elegance and keeping it real.

Robert F Kennedy’s work:


Hupfeld Hoerder’s work:


KuiViti by Epeli TuiBeqa caught my eye last year for so stylishly incorporating the ethnic Fijian masi design on fabric and for use of tapa. Very cool.



And I unearthed one photo of my stuff from back in the day – backstage posing!