Day walks April 2016-Tiritiri Matangi

Tiritiri Matangi is located in gulf harbor about 70 minute ride from Auckland CBD ferry place and is an island known for the birds ( as in real birds, not hot women) AND being completely pest free. Your tickets will list mouse & rats as prohibited on the island!

Upon arriving onto the island you’ll be briefed with rules of operating for the day and you can choose to take a guided tour or head off on your own to explore the multiple tracks around the island – all doable in a day if you are not a very serious bird watcher.

I love to watch birds if I come across them, however, I am not the type to sit perched on treetops in camouflaged outfits for hours on end to observe bird behavior.Did come across quite a few varieties of flirty teasers while strolling about though. Also to my delight found penguins bobbing away in the coastal waters as well as schools of silver fish and stingrays – all very visible in the clear waters.

This bird, was curiously present on every track that we walked on! Not the shy variety.


The highlight of the island , for me though, was a few breathtaking coves along the coastal walk! Just the type of place you want to lie down with your thoughts forever!








So why not pose a little!