So I chanced the rapids!

Back in my wild and reckless days, I was talked into going white water rafting, of which the hardest part turned out to be making it to the designated pickup place at 6 am!

The adventure is organised by Rivers Fiji and takes you down the serene, phenomenally beautiful terrains of the upper Navua gorge in inflatable rafts. Scenic, with many waterfalls and rocks and  rapids and quite a long stretch of narrow & high black volcanic walls to glide through. Not the usual tourist destination in Fiji and a pleasant surprise even to me, as a local. The adventure ends with lunch which is provided and a leisurely swim but beware the blue eels!Afterwards,your transport will await you after a steep hill climb or ( as my friend discovered) you can charm the friendly local village boys to give you a piggy back ride up ;-).

Marked as one of the days I felt the most alive! Probably because I fell into the cold rapids, bumped from rock to rock and finally managed to drag my bum up a floating log, blood roaring in ears,I almost howled and pounded my chest king – kong style! I loved it!

Here are some Kodak moments 😉