You have to see this!

Let’s get this straight! I view people that watch stereotype movies the same way as I view anyone who’s in an insane asylum. But don’t get me wrong I am not a total movie Nazi!  I have managed to live through some chic flicks and even some Bollywood numbers and might even watch them again! I think stories, in whichever form they are, and be it a song or a film or a poem appeal to people differently during different times in their lives! There are some stories that loose its glow over time (thank you age and internet) and there are others that will forever stir you.

My top picks pre-2015 is (in no particular order and Bollywood inclusive)


  1. Bridget Jones Diary – oooooh great entertainment if seen with the girls…and bottles of wine! Especially suitable if you are single in your 30s and fancy men with British accents.
  2. Blue Jasmine – Now I’ve grown up with all sorts and yes there are few blue jasmines I’ve come across at different stages of their “flowering-deflowering-withering” process. It’s a cruel movie but I think a big message to all gold diggers out there. And Kate Blanchet just always nails it doesn’t she!
  3. Cracks – who else but Eva Green to play the cool school teacher in an all-girls catholic convent back in the days of bell-bottom high waist pants and bandanas accompanied endless cigarette smoking! She thinks she’s all that until the arrival of a new Spanish girl in school. The endings pretty shocking though but much more civilized than the ending in the book.
  4. Dev D (Bollywood) – so this is a modern version of the classic Devdas from B&W movie days  and then remade in 2000 sometime with the famous Ashwariya Rai and SRK. Then remade into Dev D with much more sanity in mind .The cast is super talented from the artsies in acting industry of India and I love the ending – a much needed change in Bollywood’s concept of romance and relationships.
  5. Dhobi Ghaat (Bollywood) – the inter-woven lives of a laundry guy, an artist and an American journalist. An Amir Khan production, always a delight.
  6. Dor ((Bollywood) – if you take it literally the word Dor means strings but the concept is that of attachment. The government will acquit a soldier from death sentence if his wife is able to convince the widow of the dead to sign consent a letter. Before this I thought Aisha Patel was just eye-candy.
  7. Gone with the Wind – popular classic – love the story, love the costumes and who could be more entertaining than dear Scarlet!
  8. In the Loop – a mocumentary of how politics really work – especially in Great Britain! Sit with a bunch of laughs for this one.
  9. Kashmakash (Bollywood) – set in 1920s in Bengal. A man discovers that he is living with a woman that he didn’t initially tie the holy knot with all thanks to a massive storm on their return after the wedding. Remember, back in those days in India (and even now) a man met his wife for the first time on the night of the wedding.
  10. Lars and the Real Girl – you see Ryan Gosling in a different light i.e. some real acting and talent. The movie may be a bit shocking to some but the emotional tenderness with which Lars and “his real girl” is treated gives a great feel for humanity.
  11. Memoirs of a Geisha – I think I’d like to go back in time and to Japan and be one. I love the movie the costumes and especially the soundtrack but i must warn it’s kind of laced with misogyny .
  12. Monsoon Wedding (Bollywood) – weddings in Indian families is a time for great stress and communion for the few days that it lasts (yes 3 or more days!). Usually lots happen before, during and after the wedding that re-sets the scale of everyone’s relationships until the next family wedding. Hard price negotiations,stolen shoes, outbursts of dance ( I am guilty in this area), choreographed dance items by members of the family, torrent brief affairs and  nasty hurls at the cameraman ( whose capturing it all)are just the tip of it.This story is of a family’s discoveries through their daughter’s wedding.
  13. Notes to a Scandal – Kate Blanchet and Judi Dench! Need I say more! But the book is always better.
  14. Nymphomaniac – is definitely not for the tight a**  and it did provoke some thoughts in me on the ethical dilemmas of those driven by excessive desire but having to cap it up to be seen as normal in a society that keeps changing the definition of “normal”.
  15. Shorts (Bollywood) – four short stories set in India each covering interesting issues surrounding the society and personal growth. My new bollywood favorite is Nawazuddin Siddiqui, whose talents are certainly far more than tearing off low quality shirts to expose plastic abs( just saying) so I try and dig out his work as much as possible. He left me in awe in this one.
  16. Shutter Island – I avoided this movie for a long time because the trailers show an asylum and I immediately imagined butchery! But after much coaxing from a friend I decided it to brave it and this now has become my favorite pshyco –thriller. Surprisingly there’s none of that mad people running around with saws and hatchets hacking away life and limb. This is actually a very sophisticated story which will keep you guessing all sorts of possible outcomes till the very end, even after, for some peeps I know. Could you expect anything else from a Leo movie?
  17. Splice – I normally don’t go for sci-fi but I came across this one a boring day and gave it a go. It’s pretty weird. I love it. Reminds me of this book called “Incubus” which my neighbor lent me to read when I was in my teens.
  18. Source code – One’s head is a source of memory– they’ve taken this a bit literally here.
  19. The Skeleton Key – I love mysteries and this literally blew me away! I didn’t see that coming, mostly because the incorporation of superstition but it does make me think “what if”? And “who all” if this could be in any way real.
  20. Swades (SWA-THES) (Bollywood) – Some Kiwis wanted me to tell them why so many Indians move countries. As if the overpopulation and low economic growth of India is not legit enough a reason. With a shaky economy its every man for himself and it’s usually the skilled ones that are able to jump ship. This movie is on the impact on the brain wealth of the economy because of the mass migration. One of SRK’s better movies.
  21. The Blue Umbrella (Bollywood) – The story is set in charming little village in Himachal Pradesh and this in itself is pretty refreshing for Bollywood. Nice change from Switzerland for once.An old douches need for and power and recognition and the contradiction of a little girl’s kindness is heart wrenching.
  22. The Machinist – what guilt really looks like?
  23. The Secret Window – I could’ve seen it coming had I had read enough psycho-thrillers growing up but I hadn’t.
  24. You will meet a tall dark stranger – (a Woody Allen treat) How many of us have had our palms read? I have and I am still waiting you bloody palm reader!
  25. Water (Bollywood) – Back in the days India didn’t allow widows to get remarried. They were to shave their heads and live in lodges in simplicity. This is a story of such a lodge where one occupant’s head remains unshaven. This is the first time John Abraham showed more acting than abs.