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Melbourne Street Art

Special about Melbourne city is the awesome street art, adding to the place’s awesomely arty , urban-vintage style.Comparing to Auckland ( chilled and casual) will be unfair as there are two different vibes here, but both very live-able places i’d say.

(I learnt that Street Art is called Graffiti if it does not hold the consent of the owner of the building.Graffiti is illegal everywhere in Australia)

Now back to the fun part, the photos I took( which i hope is not graffiti) Most were from Union Lane, Hosier Lane and Fitzroy ( an extra-arty suburb).You can find street art pretty much everywhere you go, even on some vans in Dandenong ranges. Wish I took more but Melnourne has so much to do!

















William Rackette’s Sanctuary

Set appropriately in the lush and beautiful Dandenong ranges, on the outskirts of arty Melbourne!

The sculptures, embedded into the rocks and trees are a legacy of William Racket’s friendship with the aboriginal people back in the day, his love of nature and his applaud able artistic talents. Walking through the place gives a great sense of wonder and you can’t help but imagine what a passionate, full life Racketter’s would’ve lived!  Coolest legacy Australia!




Sweet Villa of Highwic

Fell upon this place on a life drawing venture. You wouldn’t imagine you’d find an old heritage place in urban Newmarket but there it is, right beside the motorway on Gillies.Wandered around for a while,imagining life without showers and getting creeped out by so many old things and  doors suddenly banging shut behind me!


The ball room, life drawing setting for that day.


The drawing room, where ladies would withdraws and knit and sew and have tea.


What girls bedrooms looked like back in the day ( I was bit creeped out by the dolls recalling horror-filled Chucky!)


The maid’s room ( Mr. Buckland’s second wife was their former maid apparently).


The boys room, bit less private than the girls.


The bath.The water pipes have been added over time.


And this would be my favorite place in any era!









On practice & inspiration

After doodling here and there for years I finally decided to give proper practice a go and ventured out to art classes,drawing meetups and life drawing classes in Auckland.Experimenting  started  with oil painting, moving to acrylics, water-coloring and hung on drawing/sketching now, purely because this requires lesser tools and patience.

No doubt practice has improved me and helped me discover my preferences. Love love love charcoal and think putty rubber’s the handiest thing ever!Still don’t remember pencil names and I’d take figure drawing over anything!Of course, as would be the case for everyone, mood and muse play a huge role too and getting inspiration from fellow drawers – of course not forgetting Instagram sharers.

Some work so far with about a years on and off practice:

Pencil, pen and charcoal:




Angles are fast becoming a favorite:


Playing with watercolor and indefinite lines:



Then why not do a self portrait….



J.K!  haha 😉





Fun things to try -Pottery

To test my creativity I found opportunity at the Uxbridge Arts Centre to learn making clay pottery.

I had a horrible start unable to  even make a ball with my hands- let alone make intricate china dolls or delicately flower painted plates which i had  imagined I’d produce. I peered around at others who seemed expert ball makers and decided I’d never return. But perseverance did it and I  waited with baited breath every weekend for pottery Tuesdays.

The thing about pottery is that It’s super liberating.You can use anything  – garlic crusher, a toothpick, your face – the options are unlimited to make whatever the hell you want .  Added to that the tutor had a few interesting techniques to teach us too, including how to use the most exciting thing in the world.



That’s not me. I googled the image. That stuff is not easy and after much churning madness and being covered arm up in dirt I produced a shallow resemblance of a tumbler which I am using as a candle holder now.


Moving on,once your work is dried up, you get to do something even more fun.Paint! oooooooh! You need special paint for this though.Then to make it all shiny you are supposed to put this white stuff on it and let it stay in the kiln  ( property of the tutor) for about 24 hours.

I walked out with these:




I wouldn’t exactly call these “beautiful”but  think there’s sure is a hell lot of me in it.