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Melbourne Street Art

Special about Melbourne city is the awesome street art, adding to the place’s awesomely arty , urban-vintage style.Comparing to Auckland ( chilled and casual) will be unfair as there are two different vibes here, but both very live-able places i’d say.

(I learnt that Street Art is called Graffiti if it does not hold the consent of the owner of the building.Graffiti is illegal everywhere in Australia)

Now back to the fun part, the photos I took( which i hope is not graffiti) Most were from Union Lane, Hosier Lane and Fitzroy ( an extra-arty suburb).You can find street art pretty much everywhere you go, even on some vans in Dandenong ranges. Wish I took more but Melnourne has so much to do!
















William Rackette’s Sanctuary

Set appropriately in the lush and beautiful Dandenong ranges, on the outskirts of arty Melbourne!

The sculptures, embedded into the rocks and trees are a legacy of William Racket’s friendship with the aboriginal people back in the day, his love of nature and his applaud able artistic talents. Walking through the place gives a great sense of wonder and you can’t help but imagine what a passionate, full life Racketter’s would’ve lived!  Coolest legacy Australia!




Lake Wakatipu

Picturesque lake stretching from Kingston through Queenstown to Glenorchy. If you took a drive around the place you’d be stopping just about every minute for photos or just  to stare!

No doubt the best place for fresh morning walks but there’s many other activities going on as well.



Shakespeare Park Auckland

My heart swells at such places – large hilly farmlands hemmed in by pretty oceans and cliffs with nicely planned multiple trails.And stern looking cows and paranoid sheep scattered around for full effect.Been almost 4 years in NZ I am still gasping ( sometimes really loudly) at how gorgeous some places in NZ are.( And relatively safe, which is a bit of a pleasant change to where I grew up )Here’s some pictures of Shakespeare park, about 45 minutes from Auckland CBD.

Place has got 3 trails and you can enjoy it all a day.


Much grass to roll around in:



Throw some cool kite-surfers in the mix.


Think sitting on hills was not the best idea in the wind!Most of my lunch flew off!


Psyched that the walk took me to beaches:



Always cuddly looking sheep freaking out every time you go close.


MUCH  fun to be had with this, ending the walk on a high note!20161029_173933






Mosaic of all Seasons

Falls don’t have to be that bad if you just look good falling” says autumn – cinnamon covered  reds and gold dancing in butter sunshine.

This season reminds me of some people, splashing color in life, making the most mundane of things seem like an adventure of a lifetime!Unfortunately this glorious season is gone before you can say Autumn in NZ ,but is enough to turn me into a butterfly, happily out and about to soak in the beauty.

Here are a few snapshots around NZ by me and two others who share my eyes, my brother and sister:

New Plymouth, New Zealand.


Waitara,New Zealand.


Clevedon Road,East Auckland.


Paradise Valley, Rotorua, New Zealand.


From the Rydges Hotel, Rotorua.


And down the street from home: